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Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Wed Mar 18 08:53:15 PDT 2009

Fred Gohlke wrote:

> ... Among other things, [Don] hypothesized ...
>     "A retired worker 75 year old who ... is not interested in
>      being the city manager.  He would thus not want the other
>      two to vote for him.  By not being selected to advance to
>      the second round he has lost his right to vote."
> and, from that, projected ...
>     "Thus the Triad method violates one of the most fundamental
>      principles of democracy."
> ...
> Rather than violating one of the most fundamental principles of democracy, 
> the Practical Democracy concept enhances that principle in a way, and to an 
> extent, that is not possible in partisan systems: Everyone remains involved 
> in the process for as long as their desire and ability allow.

I think Don would rather the voter remain involved for as long as his
desire *or* ability allows.  So he would choose to remain himself, in
order to participate as a voter; or he would be chosen by others, in
order to participate as a candidate.  Either way, he would still be

Maybe his involvement would give him the right, at least, to withdraw
his vote from subsequent rounds.  He might then explicitly dissent
from the outcome, if it proved to be unacceptable.  (Otherwise, as it
stands, his assent is taken for granted.)  Would this change be more

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