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Fred Gohlke fredgohlke at verizon.net
Tue Mar 17 10:49:09 PDT 2009

Good Morning, Don

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my outline of Practical 
Democracy.  Among other things, you hypothesized ...

     "A retired worker 75 year old who ... is not interested in
      being the city manager.  He would thus not want the other
      two to vote for him.  By not being selected to advance to
      the second round he has lost his right to vote."

and, from that, projected ...

     "Thus the Triad method violates one of the most fundamental
      principles of democracy."

However, there is no requirement that the citizen seek office.  The 
point is not whether the citizen wishes to be city manager but whether 
that person wants to influence the selection of the city manager, and, 
hence, the government.  Whether or not this individual wishes to be 
selected depends, not on the desire for office, but on the desire to 
influence the selection process.

The focus of a triad, particularly at the lower levels, is less on the 
person who will occupy an executive or legislative seat than it is on a 
blend of (1) the ordinances and budget of the community and (2) the 
person most representative of the views of the group on these topics. 
The hypothesized 75 year old (who happens to be 5 years my junior) will 
advance as far as his (or her) desire and ability allow.  The decision 
to accept or reject public office need not be, and, for those interested 
in influencing the outcome, will not be, made until that decision is 

Rather than violating one of the most fundamental principles of 
democracy, the Practical Democracy concept enhances that principle in a 
way, and to an extent, that is not possible in partisan systems: 
Everyone remains involved in the process for as long as their desire and 
ability allow.

I will address other aspects of your post as time permits.  In the 
meantime, perhaps you would like to examine this particular point in 
greater detail.

Fred Gohlke

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