[EM] Burlington 2009 IRV election pathologies - updated web page

Warren Smith warren.wds at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 14:02:42 PDT 2009

Bouricius and Richie ("FairVote")
objected to the fact that many of the lies in
their multiyear propaganda/lying campaign to mislead
millions about IRV had been refuted by us by analysing
IRV's pathologies in the Burlington 2009 mayoral election.

(A lot of the FairVote lies
are conveniently outlined in GREEN in our
pages; more are documented at, e.g,
http://rangevoting.org/Irvtalk.html  .)

Although most of their new objections were as-pathetic and misleadling as
their usuals, they did contribute one correct one.
As a result, we have added the following "update" section to this page:


Warren D. Smith
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