[EM] STV and weighted positional methods

Jonathan Lundell jlundell at pobox.com
Sat Jan 31 11:07:49 PST 2009

On Jan 31, 2009, at 10:47 AM, Kathy Dopp wrote:

> Sorry but I want to know that when I choose to vote for a candidate as
> my first choice it will increase, not decrease that candidate's
> chances to win.
> Clearly IRV/STV never allows me to vote for a candidate first and know
> that it will help that candidate win, whereas in plurality I always
> know that if I vote for a candidate it increases that candidate's
> chance to win.

What you don't know, however, is whether voting for a candidate under  
plurality will increase the chance of a better outcome, given your  
preferences among candidates. You may not hurt the candidate you vote  
for, but you can certainly help to elect someone you don't want.

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