[EM] STV and weighted positional methods

Kristofer Munsterhjelm km-elmet at broadpark.no
Thu Jan 29 11:33:02 PST 2009

Kathy Dopp wrote:
> I disagree with your characterization that in your example C does not
> have majority support because all 100 voters prefer C over at least
> two other candidates,
> However, I see your point that the numerical total value of votes
> received by C, is not a majority out of the total numerical value of
> all votes counted.

The point is rather that while a majority prefers C to at least two 
other candidates, a majority also prefers A to all the others. In other 
words, if the voters were asked "Do you prefer A to all the others?", a 
majority would answer yes, while if the voters were asked "Do you prefer 
B to all the others?", or "Do you prefer C to all the others?", that 
wouldn't be the case.

It seems suspect for a method to fail to elect a candidate when a 
majority prefers that candidate to all other candidates.

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