[EM] IRV and Brown vs. Smallwood

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"FairVote Minnesota" does not and never has had any legal connection to 
the national organization known as "FairVote" (though they obviously 
communicate and are collegial). The views of Tony Solgard are his, and not 
FairVote's. FairVote does not argue that Condorcet methods would violate 
the federal constitution, and would likely defend their constitutionality. 
I don't believe Tony Solgard has argued there is any problem with 
Condorcet methods with regards to the federal constitution either.

Terry Bouricius

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Dear Terry Bouricius,

you wrote (18 Jan 2009):

> FairVote is not responsible for reports by
> the League of Women Voters or lawyers writing
> scholarly articles.

Tony Solgard was president of FairVote Minnesota
when he wrote the quoted article in which he claims
that Condorcet was unconstitutional in Minnesota.

Also the report by the League of Women Voters of
Minnesota refers to him as "Tony Solgard, President
of Board of FairVote Minnesota".

Markus Schulze

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