[EM] IRV and Brown vs. Smallwood

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The source you cite is a Minnesota League of Women Voters report that 
refers to an article with legal analysis in the Minnesota Bar 
Association's journal, dealing with the Minnesota statutes and Minnesota 

"Municipal Voting System Reform: Overcoming the Legal Obstacles." Bench 
and Bar of Minnesota. Vol. 59, No. 9, October 2002

FairVote is not responsible for reports by the League of Women Voters or 
lawyers writing scholarly articles.

Again, I do not think FairVote has any position on the constitutionality 
of Condorcet Voting, and would probably defend its constitutionality.

Terry Bouricius

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Dear Terry Bouricius,

you wrote (18 Jan 2009):

> Do you have any example of FairVote suggesting Condorcet
> methods might be unconstitutional?

See appendices 3 and 4 of this study:


Markus Schulze

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