[EM] "Beatpath GMC" compliance a mistaken standard?

Markus Schulze markus.schulze at alumni.tu-berlin.de
Sat Jan 10 18:05:37 PST 2009

Dear Paul Kislanko,

you wrote (10 Jan 2009):

> The second scenario is
> > 26 A>B
> > 25 B>A
> > 49 C
> > 5 A
> which has 105 voters. 56 include A on any ballot
> and that's a majority. 51 include B, and that's
> not a majority.
> So how is B a possible winner under the second
> scenario?

Mutual majority doesn't ask: "How many voters rank
all the candidates of set S?"

Mutual majority asks: "How many voters rank
all the candidates of set S ahead of all the
candidates outside the set S?"

There are 56 voters who rank candidate A. But
there are only 31 voters who rank candidate A
ahead of every other candidate. Therefore,
mutual majority says nothing in the scenario

Markus Schulze

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