[Election-Methods] RE : RE : IRV variant (was 'Median or "ladder" voting with candidates')

Chris Benham cbenhamau at yahoo.com.au
Thu Jan 10 21:53:08 PST 2008

I see. Likewise I don't advocate my method suggestion.
We know that if we are prepared to forgo LNHarm and
LNHelp we can get a much better bargain than just
Minimal Defense.

I don't find "ladder voting" hugely interesting or

Chris Benham

Thu Jan 10 10:49:59 PST 2008

--- Chris Benham <cbenhamau at yahoo.com.au> a écrit :
> So my suggestion swaps the two LNHs for Minimal
> Defense while IVFAR loses the LNHs and Irrelevant
> Ballots for apparently "nothing tangible".

I don't really oppose the version of IVFAR which
satisfies IB.

I don't advocate IVFAR so much as note that it's what
Instant VFAR would look like, and that to my mind it
is a good imitation of "ladder" voting with

Kevin Venzke

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