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Dave Ketchum davek at clarityconnect.com
Fri Mar 23 18:36:02 PDT 2007

Seeing Free Associations and Trees by Proxy as different concepts:
      Abd's Free Associations use proxies to create Free Associations, 
which decide for themselves what they are and do.
      My Trees by Proxy use proxies to elect legislatures, which then are 
much like traditional legislatures.

I bring the thread name back to my topic.

Very little restriction on who can give or hold a proxy.

Takes time for a proxy to become effective, or to lose effectiveness when 
giver ends it.

Holders of effective proxies:
      Holding too few does not make one a legislator.  There is no rigid 
size for a legislature, but they must not grow too large.  Those holding 
too few, or retiring from being legislators, can combine forces to create 
a holder with reasonable power.
      Holding too many is discouraged by limiting the number that can be 
counted as giving a legislator power.
      Legislators have power and responsibilities of those in similar such 
boards.  They have voting power based on effective proxies held.  Their 
pay is at least partly based on voting power.

The size of a "village" in which voters give proxies to elders is limited 
to limit expectable number of proxies for an elder to hold.


On Fri, 23 Mar 2007 23:08:08 +0200 Juho wrote:
Re: [EM] Free Associations (was: Trees and single-winner methods)

> Ok, I think I'm pretty much on the same track with you - including  
> the fact that I don't have any detailed proposal available. Let's see  
> what the different concepts are good for and in under what conditions  
> they can be used.
> Juho
> On Mar 23, 2007, at 21:02 , Dave Ketchum wrote:
>>I started the Trees by Proxy thread March 18, in response to  
>>thoughts YOU had expressed:
>>     Abd has a new concept he calls Free Associations.
>>     Responding to YOUR thoughts, I propose keeping traditional  
>>legislature structures and responsibilities, doing the elections  
>>via proxy.
>>I do not pretend to have all the details sorted out - it has been  
>>less than a week since your post inspired me.
>>On Fri, 23 Mar 2007 19:33:24 +0200 Juho wrote:
>>>On Mar 23, 2007, at 7:56 , Dave Ketchum wrote:
>>>>I suggest you look at Trees by Proxy as a better base for your   
>>>>It provides for electing legislatures, such as boards of  
>>>>trustees  or elders, via continuous elections (proxies).
>>>>Unlike Free Associations, these have traditional powers and   


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