[EM] Free Associations (was: Trees and single-winner methods)

Juho juho4880 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Mar 23 10:36:38 PDT 2007

On Mar 23, 2007, at 17:23 , Abd ul-Rahman Lomax wrote:

> "traditional powers and responsibilities" are appropriate, largely,  
> for control structures, not for those which maximize intelligence.

> The proxy could end up being at the center of a natural caucus that  
> contains significant numbers of members. The proxy would make an  
> ideal candidate for office, or for nominating someone for office.  
> The body of supporters is already created.
> Even if the FA/DP organization is not a directly political one!

In my other mail I wondered what the intended use of the FA/DP is.  
These comments seem to point in the direction that FA/DP would be an  
"intelligence adding" preprocessing system that is independent of the  
actual political decision making process (but proxies could jump to  
the political side too) (and probably the politicians could as well  
jump to the FA/DP side).

This phenomenon could be also closely related to free mailing lists  
like this. Or to public press, the scientific process etc. Same tools  
could be applied in all these arena. I have sometimes wondered how to  
keep mailing lists like this in order and fruitful to all. One  
approach would be to have a proxy like or other voting/support system  
that would give at least feedback, maybe also control to the  
contributors on how wide support their opinions have, how much  
bandwidth they should use, if they should be more or less verbose,  
more formal/exact/practical/real life oriented, and if their attitude  
towards their fellow contributors is appropriate. :-)


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