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Dave Ketchum davek at clarityconnect.com
Wed Mar 21 00:47:04 PDT 2007

On Tue, 20 Mar 2007 23:52:45 -0400 Abd ul-Rahman Lomax wrote:
> At 06:01 AM 3/20/2007, Dave Ketchum wrote:
>>While our thoughts on proxy are similar, I see what I am trying as 
>>being far from Free Association.
> Think about it a while, you might come around.... :-)
Not yet, though I do not claim to have a final design.

Here proxies take effect a fixed time (10 days?) after being filed, and 
can be replaced by new ones filed by signers at any time.  Those holding 
proxies have power based on effective voter proxies held directly or 

Voters in a village give proxies to elders in their village.  Village 
elders give proxies to town trustees in their town.

While holding one effective voter proxy directly makes one an elder, and 
holding one indirectly is enough to make one a town trustee, there have to 
be limits on quantity of active elders or trustees.  Anyone holding too 
few can combine with others to create one active member (much like proxy, 
but I avoid the word on purpose):
      Very few, and no participation.
      Few more, and can vote in government, but not be more active in 
meetings, etc.
      Enough to make one a dictator, and voting power is limited to 
prevent this.

While village and town give the ideas framework, more levels make sense, 
and sizes could be tailored as makes sense.
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