[EM] Are proposed methods asymptotically aproaching some limit of utility?

Abd ul-Rahman Lomax abd at lomaxdesign.com
Wed Mar 14 09:01:00 PDT 2007

At 01:11 AM 3/14/2007, Kevin Venzke wrote:
>But is this all about changing what we mean by the terms "strategic"
>and "insincere"? Is that the point?

As the terms apply to Range and Approval, yes. The usage came from 
use with ranked systems, where the behavior of the system and 
implications for voters was different.

> > Yes. I think that if you vote Approval style, you are dividing the
> > candidates into two groups, and you are willing to support one group,
> > fully, and not the other. It is true that this might not reflect much
> > care, it might be simple disinterest, insufficient to go to the
> > effort of rating candidates intermediately.
>Am I supposed to put extra effort into something just because I can?

No. You do it if it serves you, and not otherwise. And we assume that 
if everyone behaves like this, the votes will generate a useful 
result. "Serves you" could include serving others, i.e., voters 
considering what they think others would be pleased with, if this 
matters to them. But in a "fully sincere" Range poll, I'd want voters 
to vote their personal preferences, and not consider the needs of 
compromise, but, quite for this reason, I dislike Range polls that 
automatically determine outcomes. They are far more useful as input 
to a deliberative process, or at least another poll for actual 
implementation (which might not be Range, it might be Condorcet 
compliant or at least majoritarian).

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