[EM] RE : reply to venzke - range "random skewing" effect is not a problem

Kevin Venzke stepjak at yahoo.fr
Mon Mar 12 23:16:35 PDT 2007


--- Warren Smith <wds at math.temple.edu> a écrit :
> >Venzke: These simulations purport to show that Range does relatively
> well by SU
> when voters are a mixture of strategic and sincere. This is pretty
> tangential to what I wrote.
> --what Venzke wrote was:
> > >Venzke: If I don't want to assume that voters will courteously
> > vote sincerely (even when this limits their power to affect the
> results),
> > then I wouldn't use Range, as the result will be rather randomly skewed
> > based on who chose to exaggerate and who didn't.
> --My simulations addressed exactly this. They were not "tangential."  
> They were
> "a study designed to examine exactly this question."

What question? I didn't say anything about the effects of random skew on
social utility.

It's like you quoting me saying "I don't like cheese" and then you refute
this by proving that cheese is pretty nutritious.

Kevin Venzke


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