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Kevin Venzke stepjak at yahoo.fr
Mon Mar 12 13:22:50 PDT 2007


--- Warren Smith <wds at math.temple.edu> a écrit :
> >Venzke: If I don't want to assume that voters will courteously
> vote sincerely (even when this limits their power to affect the results),
> then I wouldn't use Range, as the result will be rather randomly skewed
> based on who chose to exaggerate and who didn't.
> --the computer simulations in http://rangevoting.org/StratHonMix.html
> disagree with Venzke's intuition here.

These simulations purport to show that Range does relatively well by SU
when voters are a mixture of strategic and sincere. This is pretty 
tangential to what I wrote.

Kevin Venzke


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