[EM] D2MAC can be much more efficient than Range Voting (corrected)

Juho juho4880 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Mar 9 08:28:39 PST 2007

On Mar 9, 2007, at 0:43 , Jobst Heitzig wrote:

> Dear Warren,
> you wrote:
>> Aha, that explains it.  The phrasing of the definition was
>> very poor since it can be parsed in several ways.
>> You have to try to define things in ways that can only be parsed  
>> in one
>> way.  It helps to use short sentences.  With long sentences you
>> start wondering which word pairs up with which antecedent.
> I must certainly apologize for my poor command of the English  
> language.
> After all, it's a foreign language for me.
> I try to do my best, but it is not always as clear as formal  
> mathematical
> definitions.
> Hopefully, most people know what I mean, otherwise please tell me.
> Yours, Jobst

Never mind :-). Actually also the reverse is true. I have in few  
occasions experienced that the descriptions of the non-native English  
speakers are better for me than those of the native speakers. One  
reason for this is that the native speakers may use different words  
that have some detailed language or (more local) cultural area bound  
differences in their meaning (and associations). Non-native writers  
often write the definitions more in a fool proof wireframe model  
style (using the words in their very basic meaning). Of course  
sometimes also they carry cultural and language related influences  
from their own languages/culture to the English language based  

Waiting for the emergence of sufficiently good formal languages to  
discuss theoretical topics in an exact manner ;-)
BR, Juho

P.S. I read your definition as intended - don't know if this had  
something to do with the discussed topic above - reading word "also"  
very literally etc.

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