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Thu Mar 8 08:03:51 PST 2007

  > Majority rule can be conceived of in two ways. One is that there 
 > is some identified group of people who vote together who are 
 > "the majority." This is clearly an abuse. 
 Adding in a secession rule could act as a safety valve. If the 
 value of participating is less than the costs, then maybe people 
 should go their separate ways.
 Giving the majority the right of decision, in theory can 
 prevent the minority from making that decision.
 Obviously, the problem occurs when people aren't 
 geographically spread out. 
 Questions of compensation become even more difficult 
 when property rights are not well defined. Do absentee 
 landlords really own their land? "After the revolution", 
 they tend not to.
 Interesting site
 "what if anyone could modify the laws"
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