[EM] What is the ideal election method for sincere voters?

Abd ul-Rahman Lomax abd at lomaxdesign.com
Mon Mar 5 22:49:11 PST 2007

At 04:49 PM 3/5/2007, Juho wrote:
>On Mar 5, 2007, at 6:41 , Abd ul-Rahman Lomax wrote:
>>>It is also questionable if it always makes sense to select the
>>>favourite alternatives of those votes that have strong feelings and
>>>not to respect the opinions of voters with milder feelings that much.
>>If we were deciding a series of choices, and the "strong" and
>>"mild" feeling voters were always the same people, then, I'd
>>suggest, as the strong got their way each time, the "mild" voters
>>would begin to consider themselves unjustly deprived. They would
>>become strong in their feelings and votes. Unless they agreed that
>>that the "strong" getting what they want was just.
>You are getting dangerously close to the often stated claim that
>Range would turn to Approval in the presence of insincere voter
>groups. :-)

I don't disagree with that claim, provided that those "insincere 
voter groups" were large. And I consider that devolution relatively harmless.

But the process I described was not that. Rather, it was a shifting 
of ratings based on a shifting sense of what is important. "Damn! I 
just can't stand another mushroom pizza!"

That doesn't necessarily mean that they will insist on pepperoni. But 
it does mean that they won't as easily give up what they want. Maybe 
the Jewish friend isn't Orthodox and will accept some hamburger on 
the pizza.... maybe they can convince the pizza parlor to use kosher sausage.

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