[EM] very simple email poll

Kevin Venzke stepjak at yahoo.fr
Mon Mar 5 13:51:07 PST 2007

I guess some people are posting their votes on the list.

I said yes, no, yes. It's merely my opinion that C is "socially preferable"
to A and B.

But with #2:

> 2. Is tossing a coin to decide between A and B socially preferable to A?

If there are future elections, then you could argue that the coin flip
is preferable to A or B on the same reasoning that C might be: Utility
will average out to 50/50. I.e. this kind of "fairness" is not a distinct
thing from utility.

But if you don't say there will be future elections, if it's just this
one election, I can't see on what argument the coin flip is socially
preferable to an arbitrary A win. One can't assume that the voters will
be happier with a random selection over an arbitrary one; if that's true
it needs to be specified explicitly, and that makes the question rather

Kevin Venzke


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