[EM] Greatest Majority Consent

Forest W Simmons fsimmons at pcc.edu
Thu Mar 22 17:17:08 PDT 2007

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Kevin V. wrote ...

>--- Forest W Simmons <fsimmons at pcc.edu> a ?crit?:
>> This method has the same relationship to Beatpath that MMPO has to 
>> MinMax.
>So it's Schulze(pairwise opposition)?

Not quite, because Schulze(pairwise opposition) would eliminate edges 
that were not actual defeats.

In GMC, if there are lots of equal ranks, then the majority pairwise 
consent graph might be a complete digraph.

For example,

45 A, 30 B, 25 C would have a majority consent arrow in both directions 
for each pair of candidates.


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