[EM] A natural variation on DMC

Forest W Simmons fsimmons at pcc.edu
Mon Mar 19 14:31:46 PDT 2007

If we include the approval cutoff "App" as a virtual candidate in DMC, 
and elect the second place winner when App is the DMC winner, then 
(since DMC is immune from second place complaints) the resulting method 
can be described as follows without any mention of App:

List the candidates in order of approval. Then modify this list as 

If any candidate has more than fifty percent approval, then discard all 
candidates that do not.

While any candidate pairwise defeats its immediate superior in the 
list, swap the top such pair.

Elect the top candidate of the modified list.

This version of DMC picks gives more credence to approval than the 
regular version, and hence leans more towards the democratic side of 
the pleocratic/democratic continuum than the regular version does.


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