[EM] Implementing UncAAO, D2MAC, etc

Warren Smith wds at math.temple.edu
Sat Mar 10 18:40:10 PST 2007

If I may make a plea.
I wish you people proposing election methods would provide them in the form of
CODE for my program IEVS.

This would aid all projects of comparison of methods by computer.

It also would have the advantage of defining the damn things unambiguously.
Jobst Heitzig recently caused problems by providing an ambiguous description
of D2MAC partly due to his poor English, or my stupidity, or whatever.
My point is, if you describe as computer code, then we don't have to
have those problems.

If you look at IEVS source code, it hopefully will be pretty clear how
to write new voting methods (there are about 60+ examples already programmed in

Sure, I'm trying to program all your methods for you, but I don't have infinite time,
it is hard for one me to keep up with >>1 of you,
and I'm not always sure what your methods even are, or how important they are supposed to
be.  (General abuse: If you really expect a method to be taken seriously, then I have to ask,
why are you so afraid to test it by computer?)

Warren D Smith

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