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Sat Mar 3 01:36:10 PST 2007

Warren, by writing "I direct your attention to puzzle xy" you unfortunately fail to do just that. Either post what you want to say or leave it.

> -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
> Von: "Warren Smith" <warren.wds at gmail.com>
> Gesendet: 02.03.07 19:06:25
> An: "Jobst Heitzig" <heitzig-j at web.de>
> Betreff: weighted voters, success rate

> I worry that your idea will lead to a self-defining notion of "success."
> Some clique gets power. Therefore they are successful. Therefore they
> have high vote weight. Therefore they stay in power. Forever.
> Bad.
> Also, I direct your attention to puzzle #33 here
> http://rangevoting.org/PuzzlePage.html
> where the optimum weighting was derived
> -- 
> Warren D. Smith
> http://RangeVoting.org  <-- add your endorsement (by clicking
> "endorse" as 1st step)
> and
> math.temple.edu/~wds/homepage/works.html

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