[EM] RE : Tiebreaker graphs for Condorcet and other methods

Kevin Venzke stepjak at yahoo.fr
Fri Jan 26 20:35:12 PST 2007


Since the preferences in these simulations are based on distance, in
my experience it is so rare as to be unnoticeable that there are either
Condorcet cycles, or disagreements between Condorcet and the social
utility winner.

--- mrouse1 at mrouse.com a écrit :
> In addition, if the graph of minimum Bayesian regret were plotted, would
> it simply be a Voronoi diagram, and would it be possible to plot this on
> the Yee diagrams to see where voting methods diverge from it?

Assuming minimum Bayesian regret is the same as minimum average distance
(and highest utility), yes, it's a Voronoi diagram.

> And is there
> a way to display the difference in two voting systems' results?

My sim can make some pictures like that.

Kevin Venzke


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