[EM] Why my methods are unbiased by accepted definition

Dan Bishop dbishop at aggienetwork.com
Tue Jan 23 04:56:00 PST 2007

Warren Smith wrote:
> Mike Ossipoff in the thus-named post failed to provide any definition or any
> theorem as usual, while also failing to answer my question about Hamilton's method.
> Concerning further issues related to Apportionment:
> 1. Ossipoff's "bias free" method can be cast in a global optimization framework,
> as can many other methods (I now know how) including my own.
> 2. I conjecture that the or a reason why Bishop's simulation from US census data, failed
> to yield good performanxce for O's method, was because he was requiring a 1-seat minimum.

I was requiring a 1-seat minimum.  I've also done a simulation with no 
minimum (see attached).
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