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<< Robert's Rules were not invented by General Robert, they were a 
 codification of what had become common law, if I'm correct . . . >>

No, you aren't. Why do you insist in making claims about things
you haven't taken the time to learn about? Couldn't you at least
do an Internet search or look up the wikipedia entry on Robert's
Rules? Here's the current first paragraph from that entry.


History and origins

The first edition of the book, whose full title was Pocket Manual of
Rules of Order for Deliberative Assemblies, was published in
February, 1876 by then-U.S. Army Major Henry Martyn Robert
(1837–1923), with the short title Robert's Rules of Order placed
on its cover. The procedures prescribed by the book were loosely
modeled after those used in the United States House of
Representatives, with such adaptations as Robert saw fit for
use in ordinary societies. The author's interest in parliamentary
procedure began in 1863 when he was chosen to preside over
a church meeting and, although he accepted the task, felt that
he did not have the necessary knowledge of proper procedure.
In his later work as an active member of several organizations,
he discovered that members from different areas of the country
had very different views regarding what the proper parliamentary
rules were, and these conflicting views hampered the organizations
in their work. He eventually became convinced of the need for
a new manual on the subject, one which would enable many
organizations to adopt the same set of rules.

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