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Kevin Venzke stepjak at yahoo.fr
Sat Jan 20 08:19:31 PST 2007


--- Peter de Blanc <peter at spaceandgames.com> a écrit :
> last year, Marcello Herreshoff and I worked on a voting method which we
> called Hay Voting (after our friend Nick Hay). There's a description of
> the method online here:
> http://www.spaceandgames.com/?p=8

Can you give an example of how this method works? It looks like this
is the concise definition:

>To elect a candidate, we gather all the ballots together and place them 
>into a hat. One ballot is drawn at random, and then one point of voting 
>mass is selected from that ballot, so that the probability of any 
>candidate being selected is proportional to the amount of voting mass 
>allocated to that candidate.

What I understand from this is that you will draw one ballot, but may
still pick any candidate as the winner. What prevents the voter from
just revealing his first preference and assigning nothing to anyone else?

The description of "deterministic Hay voting" sounded to me to be
equivalent to the cumulative vote.

Kevin Venzke


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