[EM] typo

Michael Ossipoff mikeo2106 at msn.com
Sat Jan 20 00:37:50 PST 2007

In a recent message, I used Q and q to represent the same quantity. What had 
happened was that, in an earlier part of the calculation, the constant Q 
represented a particular value of the variable q, and so there was a 
distinction between their meanings. But, for what I was saying when in the 
posting, there was no need for the two symbols. The "Q" was just left over 
from the calculation, and I neglected to replace it.

After writing the posting I noticed that, but we were in a hurrry to leave, 
and this coimputer turns oiff its modem after a few milnutes, losing e-mail 
that is being written, and so I left it as it was. Sorry about the use of 
two sylmbols to represent one quantity.

Mike Ossipoff

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