[EM] A solution for incomplete preference orders

mrouse1 at mrouse.com mrouse1 at mrouse.com
Sat Jan 6 10:19:08 PST 2007

I honestly didn't know that (though I should have realized such a simple
idea would already be in use somewhere). I'll have to check out "Above the
line voting." Thanks!

Michael Rouse

James Gilmour wrote:
>> mrouse1 at mrouse.com> Sent: 06 January 2007 16:39
>> One partial solution is to require all candidates for an office give a
>> complete preference order before the election, which will also be
>> indicated on the ballot itself. This ranking would be used to
>> complete all ballots without a full preference order.
> This is essentially what already happens with "above the line voting" in
> Australian STV elections.  This is OK if you are happy to give this
> power to the parties (the real power behind the candidates).  But the
> main attraction of STV-PR for me is that it has the potential to shift
> the balance of power  -  reducing the power of the parties and
> increasing the power of the voters.  To me the Australian "above the
> line voting" is a travesty  -  they have turned STV-PR into a
> closed-list party-list PR system with a little bit of STV tagged on.
> James Gilmour
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