[EM] Ossipoff's "weighted webster" appears to be the same as my method...

Warren Smith wds at math.temple.edu
Tue Jan 30 11:23:03 PST 2007

Far as I can see, the simple method that starts out 
is identical with the method for apportionment that Ossipoff now proposes
("What I mean by Weighed Webster")

glad to see Ossipoff has now come around to my point of view :)

Note, the paramters Ossipoff is calling A and B can be deduced from
the number of states and total country population, in which case
his formula should simplify to become my formula.

Warren D Smith

Some details:
>Ossipoff:   R = (-1/A)*ln[(-1/A)*{exp(-A*b)-exp(-A*a)}]

R is the rounding point between consecutive integers a & b.

I hope that that expression can be simplified.

--response, use b=a+1,  then   {exp(-A*b)-exp(-A*a)}
becomes    exp(-A*a) * {exp(-A) - 1}
now note R-a  is going to come out depending only on A, B and not
on a,b  just as in  http://rangevoting.org/NewAppo.html         

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