[EM] Joe: "Many kinds of bias"?

Michael Ossipoff mikeo2106 at msn.com
Wed Jan 24 00:35:24 PST 2007

Joe says:

When it comes to bias, there are many different kinds of bias that one might 
talk about and differing ways to measure that bias. Calling something "bias 
free" does not shed extra light without more insights.

I reply:

What kind of insights does Joe want? I provided a definition of bias, and 
pointed out that it's the definition that no one would disagree with. But of 
course I invite Joe to disagree with it if he wants to.

Joe says that there are many different kinds of bias that one might talk 
about, but Joe forgot to talk about any of them. So, Joe, wouild you be 
willing to name at least one different kind of bias, and tell why it 
justifies giving the largest states (as defined in my most recent post) more 
s/q than the smallest states?

As for how to measure the bias empiricallly, of course that question has to 
be postponed till after a bias definiltion has been agreed-upon.

What Joe has been saying, all along, about bias seems to be, "Bias is so 
difficult to define, so many different competing definitions for it that we 
should throw up our hands and disregard it, and concentrate instead on 
something else like transfer properties (and give Hill a free pass on its 

Mike Ossipoff

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