[EM] Part 4, More apportionment...

Michael Ossipoff mikeo2106 at msn.com
Fri Jan 19 02:18:35 PST 2007

Warren said:

Subjectively speaking, I do not see why the advantages that we can gain from
to this sort of method, are worth the cost of losing monotonicity (because
such a loss seems based on the historical evidence to make a method 

I reply:

I don't know whether or not AR is in the class of methods that B & Y proved 
But, for example, nonmonotonicity was never what bothered me about IRV. It 
doesn't bother the IRVists, or the Australians or Irish. Yes, it resulted in 
Hamilton's rejection. But Hamilton didn't have the unconditional unbias 
advantage that AR has. AR's simplicity, and its unconditional unbias, 
outweigh nonmonotonicity (if it has nonmonotonicity), for me, and quite 
possibly for others.

Mike Ossipoff

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