Forest W Simmons fsimmons at pcc.edu
Thu Jan 18 10:57:06 PST 2007


as I remember, after MCA was invented various attempts at generalizing 
it eventually resulted in ER Bucklin (whole) for ranked ballots, even 
though strictly speaking (as you point out)that method is not a 
generalization of MCA.

The nice thing about ER Bucklin (whole) was that it satisfied the FBC.

I pointed out that generalizing MCA to Cardinal Ratings ballots (now 
known as range ballots) with any number of slots also satisfied the 
FBC, but this information was ignored because range ballots were not in 
style back then.

I agree with you that after three slots we get diminishing returns, at 
least for Bucklin like methods, since the candidates that people really 
care about will get ranked in the top two slots.

However, if we use Range Bucklin to get the initial candidate c0 in the 
GSA path, then the lower slots will have more value in guiding the 
course of the path.


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