[EM] Luxury strategy option for Condorcet

Michael Ossipoff mikeo2106 at msn.com
Thu Jan 18 06:55:52 PST 2007

The Condorcet version that I propose is SSD, Schwartz Sequential Dropping. 
It's defined at:


The strategy option that I describe here, and all strategy enhancements, are 
not something that I suggest to include in an initial SSD proposal. But they 
could be useful later, if people becomse concerned about strategy.

The Automatic Rank Line Option (ARLO) is a combination of ATLO (in reverse) 
and AERLO. It's better than either, and I hereby replace them with it.

If a voter marks an ARLO line between 2 rank positions in his/her ranking, 
that means that s/he wants to do the following:

All the above-line candidates are ranked in the order listed. All the 
below-line candidates are truncatred (power-truncated if power truncation is 
allowed--and it should be allowed).

There are up to 3 counts.

If, in the 1st count, a below-line candidate wins, and there is a cycle 
containing above and below line candidates, then that voter wants to promote 
all his/her above-line candidates to equal 1st place, for the purpose of the 
2nd count.

If, in the 2nd count the same thing happens (a below-line candidate wins and 
there is a cycle containing above and below line candidates), then that 
voter, for the purpose of the 3rd count,  wants to leave his above-line 
candidatres all in equal 1st place, and rank his below-line candidates in 
the order listed

The count computer carries out these ranking-changes and repeated counts.

[end of ARLO definition]

ARLO is surely useful for many other rank methods. It seems to me that AERLO 
&/or ATLO wasn't suitable for Kevin's method that complies with FBC, SFC & 
SDSC, because those options cause the loss of FBC.

Power truncation:

If a voter power truncates candidates belowe a particular rank position, 
then, the count scores each one of those candidates as if that voter had 
ranked all the other candidates over him/her.

[end of power truncation defionition]

Mike Ossipoff

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