[EM] Part 2, Bias-Free reply

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 17 05:18:15 PST 2007

Warren said that I haven't defined bias. Well, I've repeatedly said that a 
good starting definitioin of bias is that which, in PR, would give small 
parties incentive to coalesce, or large parties incentive to split, in order 
to maximize their s/q.

Someone with nothing better to do might quibble with "that which".

Warren claims he doesn't know what s and q mean, though those letters are 
widely used in apportionment discussion to stand for seats and quotas.

I've said much else about bias too, about the sense in which it can be 
gotten rid of. I don't have time to repeat all that for Warren.

Only a pretentious pompous ass would believe that I spoke of a uniform 
frequency distribution over an infinite range of positive and negative state 

Plainly I was refering to the distribution over the range in which 
apportionment actually takes place.

Mike Ossipoff

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