[EM] Huntington's apportionment paper of 1928

Warren Smith wds at math.temple.edu
Tue Jan 16 16:20:19 PST 2007

This paper, which was the main reason the USA adopted the Huntington-Hill
apportionment method,
is available as a pdf file here:


Regarding Mike Ossipoff, I'd appreciate it if, when you post my private emails to you
for the purpose of ranting about them, you preferably post the entire email, not just
snippets.  Actually I'd prefer you do neither, but if you are going to do one, then
avoid the snippets approach, please.

I personally would have preferred the Mike just e-correspond with me (which he was) to
try to elucidate his misunderstandings, rather than broadcast them worldwide, for 
reasons best known to him.

Since he insists, I will broadcast a criticism of his bias-free method soon.

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