[EM] voter cancellation, etc.

Simmons, Forest simmonfo at up.edu
Wed Jan 10 09:25:32 PST 2007

Since I only get the digest version of the elections methods postings, I didn't realize that Kevin had already suggested the sequential version of voter cancellation in which (after the first) each successive voter "cancellation"  is decided by the most recently cancelled voter.
This method has one slight problem.  Suppose the preferences are
5 AC
1 C
5 BC.
C is the Condorcet winner, but the method will pick C only when the middle voter is not the first one in the cancellation sequence.
Here's my suggested fix.  If  v and w are the first and last voters in the cancellation sequence, go with the one that beats the other pairwise.  This compensates for the fact that the first voter v to be cancelled is chosen at random.
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