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Simmons, Forest simmonfo at up.edu
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In a small group the voters are asked to form clusters around their favorite candidates.  After five minutes of shuffling around positions are frozen.
The two voters separated by the greatest distance are required to sit down.  This step is repeated until only one faction has any voters left standing.
In order to apply this method in a more formal situation we need to have some way of determining how far apart the voters (or their ballots) are.  There are various ways of doing this:
1.  Apply an appropriate metric to the space of allowable ballots.  This is tricky, but possible.
2.  Have voters choose from among published diagrams or tables of distances separating candidates and locate themselves relative to the candidates in the diagram or table. 
3.  etc.
Here's another way that starts out like Reynaud but continues ini a different direction.
Let X be the candidate with the largest pairwise defeat.  We eliminate X, but we also go one step further than Reynaud: we also eliminate all of the ballots that rank X in first place along with equally many ballots that anti-correlate with them the most. 
Repeat until the remaining ballots all rank the same candidate in first place.
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