[EM] A class of determinsitic methods based on non-deterministic methods

Simmons, Forest simmonfo at up.edu
Wed Jan 3 17:48:14 PST 2007

For every non-deterministic method M there is a deterministic method M' that elects the candidate most likely to win under method M.
For example, if M  is random ranked ballot, then M' is Plurality.
Suppose that M is random approval ballot. Then M' is the method that picks the candidate most likely to win under random approval ballot.
Has anybody considered this use of approval ballots?
Here's another method M using range ballots:
Pick two range ballots at random.  Find the highest range value r such that the ballots have at least one candidate in common among those rated at the level  r  or above.  If there are two or more candidates in common, then narrow down to one of them by random ballot(s).
M' is the method that picks the candidate with greatest probability of winning under M.
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