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Kevin Venzke stepjak at yahoo.fr
Sun Dec 30 15:57:13 PST 2007


Thanks for answering my questions here. Comments below.

--- rob brown <rob at karmatics.com> a écrit :
> Not sure what you are referring to as "my method".  I use DSV as an
> explanatory device (i.e. "a software agent which takes your preferences
> as
> input and produces the most strategic approval ballot"), but I advocate
> any
> condorcet method, and don't see a lot of point debating the differences
> between the various condorcet resolution methods.
> I have messed around with producing my own method, but its main benefit
> is
> that it produces nice stable *scores* for each candidate that can appear
> in
> a bar chart. ( http://karmatics.com/voting/bars-demo.html )
> With regard to:
> 49 A
> > 24 B>C
> > 27 C>B
> C wins, condorcet winner.
> My scoring system gives C a score of 35.13, vs 25.75 for B and 15.12 for
> A.
> I think those are pretty reasonable scores.
> Matrix/scores:
> c 35.13
> b 24.75
> a 15.12
> vs.
> > 49 A
> > 24 B
> > 27 C>B
> a wins (by my method), but it is a condorcet cycle.   b comes in second.
> a  37.02
> b  33.37
> c  29.61

Unfortunately your method didn't do what I was hoping here, which was to
elect B. Suppose we try this one instead:

46 A
24 B
30 C>B

Would I be correct in guessing that your method picks B now? Because in
such a case, the 24 B voters actually should not tell the system that they
have a second preference for C, because the system will just elect C with
that vote.

Also, this would make my point that Condorcet methods have similar
defection issues to those possessed by Approval.

You say you don't see much point in discussing various Condorcet methods.
The ones that I don't like have the quality that sometimes when the
quantity of voters who rank candidate A, and don't rank candidate B at all,
is larger than the quantity of voters who rank B at all, B can still win.

Here is a simple example:
7 B>C
5 C
8 A

What do you think? Is there good evidence and logic available for a method
to decide that B is the best candidate to win?

Kevin Venzke

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