[Election-Methods] "Ranked Choice Voting" ala Tournament

Dave Ketchum davek at clarityconnect.com
Fri Dec 28 12:49:50 PST 2007

Seems like Rob Brown gave us a start on moving ahead.

IRV and what we have been calling Condorcet are both Ranked Choice Voting 
and give the voters the same ballot:
      These methods ask for simple, but useful, information from voters a 
to pairs of candidates:  "Do you like candidate X more than Y?".  Both 
accept X>Y and Y>X, while Tournament also accepts X=Y for more flexible 
      IRV talks of doing runoffs, which attackers accuse of being LESS 
than perfect.
      Tournament (nee Condorcet) does scoring differently, though usually 
agreeing as to winner (meaning that those who have learned IRV voting have 
little to learn to move to Tournament).
      Tournament's arrays have value in scoring parts of a district, such 
as precincts, publishing this data for those interested, and passing only 
the arrays upstream for summing for district totals.
      Ranked Choice Voting properly gives voters flexibility in stating as 
little or much about a race as they may desire.  Ala:
           Plurality - just desired candidate for winning.
           Approval - stating equal liking for two or more (only Tournament).
           Full ranking of as many candidates as the voter chooses.


On Fri, 28 Dec 2007 21:30:53 +0200 Juho wrote
    per Re: [Election-Methods] Fwd: FYI - FairVote MN Responds to 
LawsuitAgainst IRV:
> On Dec 28, 2007, at 1:16 , rob brown wrote:
>> I think a smart strategic move, on the part of both IRV and  Condorcet 
>> fans, is to publicly back "Ranked Choice Voting", a  generic term that 
>> is inclusive of both Condorcet and IRV.
> Yes, quite a lot of whining about why other than the good methods are  
> used and promoted and less cooperative spirit to promote e.g.  Condorcet 
> methods or ranked methods. :-) I'm certainly not one of the  most active 
> promoters myself but I support the idea of using a  positive and 
> constructive approach in promoting whatever good  methods. It would also 
> do good to the experts to be forced to agree  what joint targets to promote.
> Juho
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