[Election-Methods] Range V IRV - crux of "unconstitutionality" worry

Don&Cathy Hoffard dchoffard at verizon.net
Thu Dec 27 23:36:28 PST 2007



Warren Smith said:

>....you note that any time a new candidate X entering the race swings the
winner from Y to Z, that benefits somebody (namely Z, here)


This is not true in most if not all of the General Elections.  90-99% of the
General elections involve two major candidates and some minor candidates.

The winner will be one of the major candidates.  In IRV the minor candidates
votes are drop and their votes are now cast for one of the major candidates.

If the minor candidate had not entered then supposedly they would have voted
for that same major candidate. Example: Nader entering and then being drop
by IRV would be the same as Nader not entering the race.  I.e. Gore wins
either way.


You are right in some cases where you have 3 equal candidates.


Don Hoffard  

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