[EM] [RangeVoting] line item veto

Abd ul-Rahman Lomax abd at lomaxdesign.com
Tue Mar 7 06:37:52 PST 2006

At 02:12 AM 3/7/2006, Jan Kok wrote:
>Right now, it's "You vote for my pork and I'll vote for your pork."
>(It's called "logrolling".)  I don't see how Voting With Money really
>helps.  In fact, it could encourage even more pork barrel spending,
>because legislators would vote as few dollars as they dared on
>"essential" items and as much as they dared on pork.

I'm also not sure it is a good idea, but an argument for it would be 
that it would distribute a certain amount of money roughly by 
population. Without this, pork tends to get awarded more to districts 
which elect a representative of the party in power. This is the real 
problem, not logrolling per se, which is only an aspect of 
bargaining, which is a basic tool of deliberation.

Assigning "pork" -- district specific projects -- by creating an 
overall budget for such things -- would limit pork to a level that 
would have to receive majority approval, as a level, rather than 
lumping it in with other appropriations, making it effectively 
invisible except to those who dig deep. So I'd think it would be an 

Of course, once again, as I keep pointing out, interests which obtain 
inequitable power will almost always resist change toward equity; in 
order to overcome this, there must be organization outside the 
existing structure. I was led inevitably to the FA/DP concept, it was 
not just a hodgepodge of arbitrary ideas.

Mark Twain: The man with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.

At this point, I consider "success" to be wider discussion and 
understanding of the concepts. Which, gradually, is happening.

I'm also gratified by the independent invention of DP, delegable 
proxy, which I did invent perhaps twenty years ago (as did, I think, 
some others).

FA, the free association concept, I did not invent, most of that 
credit would go to Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, who 
studied the forces which make organizations fail. AA was founded, 
effectively, when *one* other person became strongly involved, the 
man known as Dr. Bob. (There is now at least one AA meeting in just 
about every small town in America, many -- hundreds in some cases -- 
in large cities, and many around the world. I bet there are meetings 
in Iraq; I know there are such in Saudi Arabia. It is the AA 
traditions which made this happen. Other "self-help" temperance 
movements had failed over the century before AA was founded. AA, it 
must be acknowledged, is about as successful as is possible.)

FA/DP as a combination, I think I can take credit for. A new idea; 
hopefully, there will soon be more hands on the crank.

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