[EM] Real IRV Election, Disputable Result

bql at bolson.org bql at bolson.org
Fri Mar 10 12:38:59 PST 2006

Here it is folks, the one we've been waiting for:


A real live IRV election, run last Tuesday, and different methods give 
different results.

The raw data can be downloaded here:


I've adapted the data and run it through my counting software to get this:


I should run it through more of the systems I've implemented. Maybe I'll 
do that tonight.

Anyway, I've collapsed the voting data to one file here:


It's in a url-encoded format "name one=3&name two=1" etc. That's been 
modified to be ratings in a sorta borda fashion; in this case 6 - ranking.

Brian Olson

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