[EM] average over time proportionality election method

Raphael Ryan RaphFrk at netscape.net
Mon Mar 6 10:03:06 PST 2006

Jobst Heitzig <heitzig-j at web.de> wrote:

>Dear Raphael!
>> If the number of votes needed to be elected is constant, then it follows automatically.
>What do you mean by "needed to be elected"? Is this the number of votes + excess the winning candidate has? Or is it the number of votes + excess the second placed candidate has, perhaps plus 1? And is this the thing you refer to as "threshold" below? Sorry, but it seems that I'm lost...

It would be the number of votes + excess (effective total) that the 2nd place candidate has.  The winning candidate has that number of votes subtracted from his total as he needs at least that number to win.

It does take 2-3 elections for the threshold to build up so that it is roughly equal the voter turnout average.

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