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6 votes is a kinda small sample (5 really, a=b=c=d is pretty much 

On Wed, 7 Jun 2006 eric at ericgorr.net wrote:

> Just got this via my Condorcet Calculator (http://condorcet.ericgorr.net) and
> thought others would be interested. All Condorcet methods picked the same
> winner. All IRV methods picked the same winner. The winners of Condorcet and
> IRV methods were different.
> ---- here's the info I got:
> My book club, scifemme, sometimes uses condorcet voting to determine which book
> to read next.  The long name is "Ladies Scientific Discussion Group and Tea
> Party"; we started doing this after we read _Wisdom of the Crowds_ by James
> Surowiecki.  (The book doesn't mention the method, but I knew of it and
> proposed it at that time.)
> Each letter represents a book under consideration to be read next.  (F = Surely
> You're Joking, Mr Feynman, P = Visual Piety, B = Borderlands Science, S =
> Stiff)
> F>S>P=B
> P>B>F=S
> S>P>F=B
> P>S>F=B
> F>S>P=B
> F=S=P=B
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