[EM] Proportional Condorcet Voting

Dan Bishop daniel-j-bishop at neo.tamu.edu
Sun Apr 30 13:23:20 PDT 2006

Antonio Oneala wrote:
> All of the proportional condorcet methods I've heard of so far rely on 
> STV to some extent.

PSC-CLE doesn't rely on STV.  However, the simplicity comes at a price:

80: A>B>C>D>E>F
40: D>E>F>A>B>C

Winners of a 3-seat election are A, B, D.

10: X1>A>B>C>D>E>F
10: X2>A>B>C>D>E>F
10: X3>A>B>C>D>E>F
10: X4>A>B>C>D>E>F
10: X5>A>B>C>D>E>F
10: X6>A>B>C>D>E>F
10: X7>A>B>C>D>E>F
10: X8>A>B>C>D>E>F
10: X9>D>E>F>A>B>C
10: X10>D>E>F>A>B>C
10: X11>D>E>F>A>B>C
10: X12>D>E>F>A>B>C

Winners of a 3-seat election are A, B, C.

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