[EM] Looking for a little voting insight...

Matthew Welland matt at kiatoa.com
Sun Apr 30 22:21:23 PDT 2006

I am putting together a web site which will, in addition to some other things, 
illustrate different voting methods. I have approval and plurality voting 
done and was starting to look at Condorcet voting and a couple of questions 
came up. BTW I will probably use the rubyvote code as a starting point.


1. Rubyvote has pure condorcet and cloneproof schwartz sequential available. I 
want to keep things simple. Does it matter which method I choose? Is there a 
cpu load difference?

2. Votes will be updated on the fly - does this distort or invalidate the 
Condorcet method in any way? I.e. the voter can see the current results and 
use that information in choosing their vote(s).

This is really only for fun but I am curious to hear whatever opinions people 

By the way it has been interesting to play with approval vs plurality voting 
and to notice my own response.  Having both available now leaves me quite 
annoyed when faced with a plurality only vote. However I'm noticing in some 
approval voting scenarios I really wish I could articulate a hierarchy of 

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