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James Gilmour jgilmour at globalnet.co.uk
Fri Apr 14 02:38:03 PDT 2006

 Dave Ketchum Sent: Friday, April 14, 2006 9:53 AM
> Black Box Voting gets overly wordy below, but the message is 
> valuable and they have proved value in their previous warnings:

Those concerned or interested in this problem might find it useful to check out these two websites:

Independent Commission on Electronic Voting and Counting at Elections 

Irish Citizens for Trustworthy Evoting (ICTE)

The Independent Commission was set up by the Irish government after the experience of using only e-voting in three
(multi-member) districts in the 2002 general election (STV-PR).  The original plan was to roll-out e-voting across the
whole country for the elections in 2003.  That did not happen.

Here in Scotland we are almost certainly going to have e-counting in 2007 for the MMP elections for the Scottish
Parliament and the STV-PR elections for our local government councils (that will be held on the same day).  But we shall
record all our votes on paper ballots using the old-fashioned but reliable stubby pencil.  The three ballot papers (two
for MMP, one for STV-PR) will then be scanned and the votes recorded by intelligent OCR and then counted by computer.
And we shall have all the paper ballots if anyone wants to demand a manual count - and we have plenty of experience of
manual counting of both STV-PR and MMP.

James Gilmour

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