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Sat Sep 24 16:23:27 PDT 2005

Someone wrote:

I think the "+" to show "I like B better than A even though I ranked A=B" disingenuous and unnecessary. If you prefer one of the equally ranked alterntatives more than the other, just don't rank them equally. 
Forest Answers:
If Favorite B has no chance of winning, but Compromise A could get more than 50% of the first place votes with your help, then you are faced with a dilemma:  Do I rank Compromise equal with Favorite, or do I take the chance that Compromise may get beat by Worst C in the second round?
That's why the FBC cannot be satisfied when equal ranking is not allowed.
But when you rank Compromise equal to Favorite, it is nice to be able to indicate (say with a plus) which of these is your real favorite, and to have your favorite be the tie breaker, not your Compromise.
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